I love coffee

My various activities are very closely linked with the research and development of coffee, improving the coffee product to compete in the global coffee market.

I am confident in dealing with advising on the green coffee buying process and very competent in the stages of tasting, coffee evaluation and the techniques of the production chain. Making blends, using coffee roasting technology and supervising the manufacturing stages requires a deep knowledge of the industry. Processing coffee beans and ground coffee requires different principles and unique and specialized knowledge.

I have developed good abilities in group work and collaboration with the professional figures that contribute to carrying out and marketing the final coffee product. I often work on product launches, or organizing coffee tasting sessions / panels for clients and/or the press. Also included is the daily collaboration with the production, quality assurance and product development teams.

Available for:

Marco Cremonese
Green Coffee, Sensory

and Roasting Consultancy
SCA Authorized Trainer




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