After obtaining a degree in Economics at the University of Verona, I carried out various business activities for several years. I have been working in the coffee business for over 15 years, starting with oversease marketing of roasted coffee, produced by Italian roasting businesses. Growing in this industry, I further developed skills in the technical specifics relating to coffee. In 2003, I completed consultancy activities related to cofeee roasting,

developing the various stages of production, performing green bean selection, making blends and tasting.

In the years 2007-2009 I worked as a coffee roaster in collaboration with a famous chocolatier. Since 2010, I have continued development of my consultancy services to roasting businesses, also tasting and organizing tasting panels. In 2012, my main interest has been teaching and carrying out as accreditation for the SCA in green coffee, tasting and roasting.

I attend refresher courses and seminars, continuing my research activities and providing consultancy expertise to the coffe industry across the world.

“From the year 2014/2016 I was appointed responsible for organizing the Italian roasting championship for entry into the world coffee roasting championship”.

Available for:

Marco Cremonese
Green Coffee, Sensory

and Roasting Consultancy
SCA Authorized Trainer



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